So this one is a farther from home for us but we took our pomsky puppy in last min one day because she had diarrhea for a few days… being a first time puppy owner I was a little frantic and called to see if they would see her with no appointment. They said sure come on in. It was 5:30pm and they closed at 6pm. We didn’t get there until after 5:45pm and they still took us. We didn’t feel rushed at all. Which being a last minute patient I was kind of expecting to be rushed out. Dr.Phelps was super thorough and informative. All the staff from the front desk gal to the tech Tyler were friendly and courteous. We have been to other vet clinics previously and North Tustin was by far our favorite. They sent our pups fecal sample in and we got the results next day. They also have a very convenient app to see all your records, appointments, reminders etc. We love this place and this is going to be where we take our new pup for sure! I’m sure we will be visiting more and I’m glad its a pleasant clinic (especially because I am an new over worried dog mom ha)

– Mj V. from Long Beach, CA | 5.0 star rating | 8/26/2018

Best Veterinary in town. Have taken all four of our dogs here for the past 20+ years. Dr. Kali truly care about pets. He went into this profession to care for and help pets and not to make money off his clients. Very honest and genuine people work here. Definitely take your pet here.

– Jenni A. from Santa Ana, CA | 5.0 star rating | 8/11/2018

These people are the best. The docs and staff care about my fur-kids nearly as much as I do. Never a problem to get in for an emergency, always kind and ready to help my kiddo and me feel better about whatever the situation. The best fur-pediatricians around!

– Jodi B. from Orange, CA | 5.0 star rating | 7/28/2018

I love the way they take the time needed for my puppy, Nani. They are very kind, caring, helpful and nurturing to my dog and myself. I highly reccommend them to anyone in the area!

– Joanne Luke | 5.0 star rating | 08/03/2018

My family has been taking all of our pets here for years. Dr. Kali is the best. The staff is awesome. Highly recommend!!!

– Alyssa Haretakis | 5.0 star rating | 04/11/2018

We took our sweet Champ there yesterday for what we thought was poisoning but it turned out to be a spinal injury! Thank goodness for the vet and his staff!

– Lisa Kyriss | 5.0 star rating | 04/29/2018

I brought my kitty here because he was having some health issues. The doctor promptly and accurately diagnosed the issue that my cat was having and prescribed treatment.

  • Affordable prices
  • They don’t try to charge / bill you for every little thing they do
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • LOWEST PRICES on prescription pet food (lower than online prices)


  • None so far

– Kenny T. from Orange County, CA | 5.0 star rating | 3/7/2016

The doctors and staff here are wonderful. I always felt like they gave me enough information to help me decide on the best, most practical care for my baby. When it was time for us to euthanize, they were kind, loving and supportive. It has touched my heart in so many ways during one of the most painful moments for our family. I could t recommend them any more!!!!!

– Lynn J. from Tustin, CA | 5.0 star rating | 6/3/2017

A couple months ago I noticed my Boston Terrier Marley’s tooth has been cracked (from his hard chewing on those hard plastic bones). Living in Orange County for a couple years I really hadn’t established a vet. With the new issue of Marley’s tooth and a few growths I’ve noticed on him, I decided to go to yelp to find a vet that I could check him out.

After searching yelp I found North Tustin Vet Clinic and Dr. Kali. They were open weekends which was a huge plus for me and I was able to see the Dr on a Sunday two days after calling for an appointment. I received a discount on my first visit which was a nice incentive. The front staff was very welcoming and offered me a room to sit with Marley so I could fill out the paperwork. Dr. Kali came in a couple minutes after waiting and was very nice. He took the time to examine Marley and really talked me through everything. We did vaccinations that day and we discussed the growths and tooth. He said the tooth had to be extracted and he could take the growths off with no problem. After expressing some financial concerns for all these procedures, he reassured me that I can take my time and the tooth will be okay for a while if I need to save money. He was realistic and told me what to look for just in case the tooth was getting worse.

Three months later I had saved enough to remove the growths and the tooth and a week before his surgery found another growth. When dropping him off the morning of for the procedure I explained that I only had enough for two growths to be removed and would leave it up to the Dr to decide which one. Upon returning to pick Marley up the front office told me that the Dr ended up removing the third smaller growth as a courtesy. I was so thankful for Dr.Kali!! Before leaving the clinic Dr. Kali also came out to say goodbye and go over the days procedures with me.

Overall Dr. Kali is a wonderful vet and I have nothing but good things to say about this clinic! If you’re looking for a new vet or have a weekend emergency I would recommend giving North Tustin Vet Clinic a call!

– Marley G. from Fullerton, CA | 5.0 star rating | 8/14/2015

Last week March 22nd I had to make one of the most difficult decision ever and put my sweet Poco boy down after having him for 16 years! He was an amazing dog who had been thru so many things with me throughout the years and was always there to kiss away my tears and put a smile on my face when I was down. He was not just my dog but my child…my only child cause I was unable to conceive and he was my everything! He was very ill but lived a wonderful life never having any serious issues or sicknesses until the end…I never thought I would lose him cause he was so resilient and tough! I had never been to this vet before and it was a Sunday so I looked on yelp to research some places and found this place! And I was never happier to have found such an amazing place on Yelp like I was with this whole experience! From the minute I walked in the receptionist saw my face and knew why we were there and she rushed around the desk and escorted me to an exam room for privacy, she pet Poco and told him he was so handsome (which was nice cause that was my nickname for him and she didn’t know that she just said it while petting him) She came in a few times while we waited for the vet to comfort me and made me feel so welcomed like she had known us and Poco for years. The vet Dr. K was wonderful…we explained what had been going on and he patiently listened and then told us our options but was very honest in saying that he doesn’t think the other options would be best for my dog cause he had suffered long enough and in my heart I felt the same way even though I couldn’t say it out loud. I knew it was Poco’s time as hard as it was to admit.

After Poco was gone and we went out to the reception area and the receptionist came around the desk and hugged me and thanked me from my dog cause she said it was the most loving thing I could of done for him! I needed to hear that so much cause when you have to make a decision like that you feel so bad and so sorry you had to do it…in the exam room I kept kissing my boy saying I’m sorry Poco and the vet even told me “you have nothing to be sorry about you did what you had to do for your boy”

Fast forward to today when I went to pick up his remains. ..mind you all we requested last weekend was that he be cremated so I just expected to pick up his remains in a box or a bag. But what I got was so much more and so incredibly beautiful I can’t even express in words how wonderful it all was! The girls who where there to give me his remains were so sweet and offered their condolences and told me about the card enclosed having a heart that you plant and it grows in memory of your pet. Every single detail of what I got today was so beautiful. I’ve never been so thankful to a veterinarian facility as I am now with this whole experience…losing a family member is so hard…and having a place who honestly goes over and beyond to make it as good of an experience as possible for you in honoring your beloved the right way means more than anything! MY DEEPEST AND MOST HEARTFILLED THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

– Meredith R. from Trabuco Canyon, CA | 5.0 star rating | 3/30/2015

My husband and I moved to Tustin recently with our dog Maxx. Maxx is almost 12 years old, but has the energy of a 6 month old puppy. One day I noticed him licking his paw and he was licking the fur off of it! I had no idea what was going on so I wanted to get him into a vet ASAP! After looking on yelp I narrowed down my options to a few veterinary clinics and chose North Tustin because of the reviews and when I spoke on the phone with the staff and asked questions they were happy to answer all my questions without rushing me.

Once I made my appointment I brought in Maxx and was greeted by the lovely staff. After waiting a few minutes I met Dr. Kali and right away he brought up Maxx’s coughing. I told him that I got it checked and was told by his previous veterinarian that it was because of his age and that it was normal. Well Dr. Kali informed me that he was concerned about his heart which was shocking to hear. After agreeing to do a x-ray and some blood work it showed that Maxx had a heart murmur!!! His heart was almost double the size and the coughing was caused by his heart pushing against his wind pipe! OMG I felt so bad! Dr. Kali put him on meds and told me that he would have to take it for the rest of his life. He also gave Maxx some antibiotics and spray for his paw and sent us away.

The next day Dr. Kali called to discuss his blood work and found that everything was fine. I have to say I am so glad I found this veterinary clinic because I found out about Maxx’s condition. Also Dr. Kali spent almost an hour with me and that made me feel great. It’s hard to meet a doctor let alone a veterinarian that cares about their patients. I’m glad I’m now part of the North Tustin Veterinary Clinic family and will highly recommend this clinic to all! I will definitely be bringing our puppies once we get them next year 🙂

– Ashly H. from Tustin, CA | 5.0 star rating | 12/22/2014

All of the vets and all of the staff are so kind and caring. It feels like you are going to visit old friends. The office is small, but they keep it sparkling clean (without the smell of toxic chemicals from using too much). It’s also super convenient being RIGHT off the 55.

…Their pricing is midline in general, and they have the lowest cost I’ve seen for titer tests because they run enough of them to get a bulk discount (that’s a good thing!). All 3 vets are very knowledgeable and compassionate and they are happy to give you a call back if you have questions. I couldn’t be happier!

– Kate C. from Costa Mesa, CA | 5.0 star rating | 9/13/2014

This is my third visit and I have to say I have been very satisfied with the vets and service. The vets are very caring and are willing to listen to your suggestions and issues that you have. They are willing to try whatever you are comfortable with to treat your pet. If you have any questions you can easily contact the vet directly and they are really good at getting back to you.

– Gabby B. from Orange, CA | 5.0 star rating | 1/9/2014